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A Little Background Jasmijn


Why be plain & boring, when you can be colorful & stand out? Life never has to be or become dull in my opinion, no matter how rough your path can get or whatever obstacles you have to overcome, there is always a way to add some happiness to your life, even if its a tiny bit, there’s always a way… Happiness comes in many ways and forms, it’s  can be so many things, for me personally; a big part of my happiness comes from living a cute lifestyle and that’s what this blog is all about.

I have been a creative free spirit ever since I was a little girl. My young days involved making art in any form I could think of and with my endless imagination I might have always been a bit unusual but I certainly have never been boring. Back then I was also wowed by everything cute and that has never changed. I grew up being a huge fan of the Walt Disney and Sanrio brand, which inspired me a lot in creating my own art and developing my own style.

As a child I, early on, already knew I needed to be something creative growing up and took lots of classes in performing and fine arts. Later I’ve also studied performing arts in both my home country The Netherlands and the U.S. The U.S, where I’ve spend most of my teens and gained a lot of experience and inspirations that I still use to this day and also where I left my heart at. Both hubby and I have the life long desire to eventually move to the U.S and grow old there and until we get that chance, there will be, for sure, many more trips to our happiest place in the future.

Nowadays as a “grown up” I recently moved back to my hometown Breda, My Little Heart of Kawaii. Sweet Couple Illustrationwhere I live with the love of my life of 11 years; my hubby and best friend; Marlo and our biggest dream come true; our newborn daughter Flora-Aurora (August 12th 2016) and work from home as a creative Illustrator & Designer. Both my husband and I have lots of ambitions and big dreams, which keeps life very interesting, we work very hard to achieve our career goals and most importantly to create the happiest life possible for our family of three!

After life changed drastically due to an accident at the end of 2009, which caused me Dystrophy (= a chronic illness that causes 24/7 pains and damages nerves) in my left leg and later, after a surgery, also in my right leg, our view on life also changed along with that. Of course dealing with a chronic illness daily is not easy at all and puts more restrictions on someone than you can imagine but it also made me stronger and instead of giving up, it made me go after my dreams and wishes even more. If I can’t do it one way, I’ll do it the other way! We now believe creating your own happiness is one of the most important things in life and luckily I get to do this together with my husband, who is truly my other half and our own little princess has now joined for the ride too! Dare to dream, be who you want to be (not who others want you to be) and to follow you heart is what we believe in and what we live by.

We also believe in a kawaii lifestyle. We love to hunt for cute stuff and you’ll find cute things, collectibles and decor all over our house,  we love cute & fairy-tale like travel destinations and obviously Disneyland and Disney World are on top of our favorite to-go-to list and basically anything that adds that little something to our happiness belongs to that lifestyle! Of course there’s also plenty I like to add to that lifestyle by myself, I love to wear cute clothes, play rpg & simulation video games with the most adorable graphics but also the most random things make my heart light up, such as; being cozied up with my e-reader, snuggle up in the cutest pajamas, writing or receiving snail-mail from my pen pal, giggling & chatting with my closest friends or sister and planning for (and counting down to) dates, getaways or Christmas. Whether its something big or small it all makes a difference and makes it easier to deal with the other ‘not so cute and fun things in life’.

I get to use my creativity, visions and imagination on a daily basis and get to do one of the best things in life; entertaining others with my creations, because of my job but why should it stop there!? I would also love to share my cute finds, adventures, reviews and so much more with you guys! So that’s why I have started this blog and who knows what else comes from it. One thing I know for sure it will add happiness (and a whole lot of cuteness) to my life and hopefully also to yours!




xoxo Jasmijn Naomi

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