Partners & Sponsorship

I am always interested in collaborating with other brands & stores. As you can see in my previous posts and on my social media accounts I love to promote & review products that fit my theme and lifestyle. I do a wide variety of reviews (from subscription boxes, toys, video-games, home-ware to clothing and more) and also host sponsored giveaways. I do require that the product fits my blog, audience and personal interest. And, of course, I also require that I get to try / experience the product or brand myself first, so I can write an honest review about it.

As you hopefully have noticed, my blog is not just any random blog. I’d rather see my blog as a creative platform where I can express my love for everything cute (kawaii), combined with my work as a graphic designer / illustrator and where I will be able to entertain my readers through creative writing, illustrating, photography, connect with interesting people from all over the world and build a network of awesome sponsors and partners. Although my blog is rather ‘new’ (launched June 2015) I have thousands of visitors per month coming from all over the world. I try to focus on a large and varied target audience and not to exclude anyone, because everyone, from teens to young adults to parents deserve to add some cuteness to their lives!

If you want to become a partner please contact me through the contact page or directly send your e-mail to: and I will respond to you asap!

When you become a partner and we will continue working together, I will promote you frequently in the cutest way possible!